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Archive Limited Tender Information

Sr. No. Region Tender No Description Type Due Date
49 Southern RailTel/Tender/LT/SR/MAS/2019-20/03 Procurement of PD-MUX and NMS as per RDSO Spec No. IR-TC-68-2012 or latest. Limited Tender 21/02/2020 View
50 Southern RailTel/Tender/LT/SR/MAS/2019-20/02 Supply of 48 V, 25 Amps (1+1) , 48 V, 25 Amps (2+1) and 48 V, 25 Amps (3+1) SMPS power plant for indian railway telecom equipment with FR/FC module as per RDSO spec No: RDSO/SPN/TL/23/1999(Ver 4.0)Amdt -1 or latest Limited Tender 21/02/2020 View