Archive Expression of Interest

Sr. No. Region Title Due Date
16 Corporate RailTel/EOI/CO/NTP/2020-21/Thermal Temperature screening solution to RCIL’s Customers /543 Dt 13.07.2020 11/09/2020 View
17 Eastern RCIL/EOI/ER/Outsource Manpower/P&A/2020-21/1193, dt.15.06.2020 14/07/2020 View
18 Southern RailTel/EOI/SR/Outsources-manpower/P&A/2020-21/28-32(Technical and Non-Technical Manpower services to RailTel-SR for a period of one year) 23/06/2020 View
19 Corporate RailTel/EOI/CO/NTP/2019-20/SD WAN Partner/508(Empanelment of SD WAN Service Partner ) 22/07/2020 View
20 Corporate RailTel/EOI/CO/DNM/2019-20/IT SERVICES TO RCIL CUSTOMER/517 19/02/2020 View