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SR. No. Region Category Tender No Due Date Nature of Work View Details
1 Southern Supply GEM/2023/B/2987408 Dated: 13-01-2023 30/01/2023 Supply of 10G 40KM and 1G 10KM SFPs as per Technical specification. View
2 Western Services RailTel WR E-Tender OT 2022-23 OnM BPL 1-10 01/02/2023 Deployment of maintenance teams in various sections of Bhopal Territory for maintenance of OFC cable network Wi-Fi network and upkeep of associated gears for a period of 3 years and extendable by one year on same terms and conditions View
3 Eastern Supply GEM 2023 B 2965123 DT 11 01 2023 01/02/2023 Supply & Installation of Air Conditioner in Patna Territory View
4 Western Services RailTel/WR/E-Tender/OT/2022-23/O&M/03 31/01/2023 OFC Shifting work due to construction of LHS/ROB/RUB at various LC gates in the section Bina-Bhopal-Itarsi, Itarsi-Nagpur of Bhopal territory in Western Region View
5 Western Supply GEM/2023/B/2966319 20/01/2023 Procurement of Supply, Installation and testing & Commissioning of 48V/3000Ah Tubular Gel VRLA-Maintenance Free battery for RailTel MX-PoP View