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61 Northern Supply RailTel/NR/Tender/OT/O&M/FMS & Patch Cords/2018-19/02 09/08/2018 Supply of Patch Cords, FMS, Pigtails & Attenuators for RailTel, Northern Region, New Delhi. View
62 Western Works RailTel/Tender/OT/WR/DFCCIL/JNPT-BOI-ST-USD/2018-19/17 03/08/2018 Patch Replacement work in JNPT-Boisar, Surat-Ukaisongad Section of Mumbai Territory, Western Region by DFCCIL. View
63 Southern Works RailTel/Tender/OT/SR/HQ/2018-19/5/SBC OT SN: 01  27/07/2018 Trenching/HDD,  Laying  of  HDPE  pipe,  blowing,  splicing,  and  termination  and  testing  of  Optical  Fiber  Cables  and  GIS  Mapping  for  permanent  Underground  OFC  connectivity to RailTel POP’s in Bangalore Territory – for NKN connectivity.  View
64 Southern Works RailTel/Tender/OT/SR/HQ/2018-19/4/MAS OT SN: 01   27/07/2018 Providing OFC connectivity with associated equipment to M/s. KPL (Kamaraja Port Ltd) Yard  View
65 Southern Works RailTel/Tender/OT/SR/HQ/2018-19/2 to 3  27/07/2018 Diversion of OFC between due to doubling works by S.C. Railway (2-Tenders) View