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SR. No. Region Category Tender No Due Date Nature of Work View Details
56 Northern Works GEM/2023/B/3839759 Dated: 22.08.2023 13/09/2023 Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract for Precision Air Conditioner installed at Shastri park New Delhi for Three years, extendable by one year on same terms and condition through GeM View
57 Western Works RailTel/WR/E-Tender/OT/2023-24/O&M/02 dated 14.08.2023 04/09/2023 OFC Shifting work in Various sections of Mumbai Territory in Western Region View
58 Corporate Works RCIL-SIG-GOOMTY_23-24-15, Dt. 16.08.2023 05/09/2023 Construction of Eight number Gate Goomty at Chinna (L-Xing 33) in VKA-CHN Section; Gurudaspur (L-Xing 53 & 54), Dhariwal (L-Xing 38) in DHW-SRM Section; Nurmahal (L-Xing 18), Bilga (L-Xing 11 & 12); Nakodar ( L-Xing 36) in LNK -PHR Section. View
59 Northern Supply GEM/2023/B/3833002 Dated: 16-08-2023 19/09/2023 Procurement of Routers, Switches, Racks, SFPs and other Misc. items through GeM View
60 Eastern Supply GEM/2023/B/3819159 DT 11.08.2023 29/08/2023 Supply of Managed Layer-3 Distribution Switches. View