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1311 Western Works RailTel /Tender/OT/WR/2016-17/09 29/08/2016 “Dropping of 24 Fiber in Chacher-Durg Section” View
1312 Western Works RailTel /Tender/OT/WR/2016-17/07 29/08/2016 “Patch replacement work of OFC on Bhopal Territory” View
1313 Corporate Supply RAILTEL/TENDER/OT/CO/DNM/2016-17/OSG/337 23/08/2016 “Supply and Supervision of Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Outbound Spam Guard” View
1314 Corporate Supply RailTel/Tender/OT/CO/DNM/2015-16/Mail messaging Solution/319 14/10/2016 “Supply, Implementation, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Mail Messaging Solution”, View
1315 Northern Supply RailTel/OT/NR/6.25A charger & VRLA Battery/2016-17/08 19/08/2016 “Supply of 230 V AC to 48V DC Rack mounted Charger with 6.25A SMR’s (2+1), 12 V/42 AH and 12 V/100 AH VRLA Batteries for RailTel, Northern Region, New Delhi.” View