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SR. No. Region Category Tender No Due Date Nature of Work View Details
1 Southern Supply RCIL-SR-SC-23-24- 26 dt: 13.09.2023 27/09/2023 Procurement of 2T AC with in-built Timer and 5KVA Stabilizer as per SOR and Technical Specification. View
2 Southern Supply GEM/2023/B/3932907 dt: 12.09.2023 26/09/2023 Supply of 19” 42U Racks for PoP Infra of RailTel, SR. View
3 Southern Supply RCIL-SR-SC-23-24-20 dated 08-09-2023 29/09/2023 Supply of LAN Extender as per technical specification for SWR work. View
4 Eastern Supply GEM/2023/B/3924653 DT 08.09.2023 25/09/2023 Supply of 24 Fibre Optical Fibre Cable (armoured) as per RDSO Specification for Bhubaneswar Territory O&M requirement. View
5 Northern Supply GEM/2023/B/3924758 Dt: 06-09-2023 27/09/2023 Supply of 48 Fibre Optical Fibre Cable (armoured) as per RDSO Specs. RDSO/SPN/TC/110/2020 Revision-0 with latest amendment for RailTel Optic Fiber Network View