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1 Corporate Supply RailTel Tender OT CO OSS BSS 2020 - 21 556 25/11/2020 Supply and Supervision of Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Carrier Grade BRAS and CGNAT system View
2 Eastern Works RCIL ER 2020 21 1238 DT 22 10 2020 23/11/2020 Rectification of underground Optical fibre cable in Arunachal – Sribar - Vangaichungpao Section of North East Frontier Railway including trenching, laying of HDPE duct, backfilling, blowing/pulling, Splicing/jointing, termination & testing of OFC with associated work for RailTel Corporation of India Limited, Eastern Region View
3 Eastern Services RCIL_ER_20-21_1237, Dt. 19.10. 2020 17/11/2020 Supply of STM-4 & STM-16 equipment for the OFC based communication system of RailTel and Railways View
4 Northern Services RailTel/Tender/NR/OFC rectification/Ringus-Churu/20-21/08 13/11/2020 Trenching, Laying, Termination, Splicing, Testing and Commissioning for OFC rectification work in Ringus-Churu Section for NW Railway View
5 Western Supply RailTel/WR/E-Tender/OT/2020-21/Newline-STM Dt.19.10.2020 10/11/2020 Supply of STM equipments along with accessory as per schedule of requirement for Rail Tel’s OFC based Network View