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क्रमांक क्षेत्र श्रेणी निविदा संख्या नियत तारीख कार्य की प्रकृति विवरण देखें
6 Southern Others Railtel/Tender/OT/SR/HQ/2015-16/103 to 117 23/12/2015 Deployment of maintenance teams for maintenance of OFC cable network and upkeep of associated gears/equipment for a period of 3 years and extendable by one year on same terms & conditions. देखें
7 Corporate Supply RAILTEL/TENDER/OT/CO/DNM/2015-16/Railnet Up-gradation/ Internet Gateway & Proxy Server /313 19/12/2015 “Supply and Supervision of Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Internet Gateway & Proxy Server etc. for Railnet Up-gradation Work”.. देखें
8 Corporate Works RCIL/Tender/OT/CO/SB/2015-16/Railwire/SMS Pack/244 19/12/2015 “RFP for Delivery of SMS Solution and Services” देखें
9 Corporate Supply RAILTEL/TENDER/OT/CO/DNM/2015-16/Railnet Upgradation/SIP Server/312 18/12/2015 “Supply and Supervision of Installation, Testing & Commissioning of SIP Server etc. for Railnet Upgradation Work”. देखें
10 Western Works RailTel/Tender/OT/WR/NKN/2015-16/09-17 18/12/2015 “Survey of OFC Route, Trenching, laying of HDPE Duct, blowing, splicing, termination, commissioning of 24F/48F OFC and supply of associated items for NKN and other last mile works in various cities across Western Region” देखें