Archive Limited Tender Information

Sr. No. Region Tender No Description Type Due Date
17 Corporate RailTel/Tender/LT/CO/DNM/2016-17/ASA-KSA/350 Dtd.30.08.2016 “Selection of Managed Service Partner for Design, Supply, Installation, Configuration, Customization, and Operations & Maintenance of Aadhaar Authentication Software Platform for ASA/AUA/KSA/KUA Services” Limited Tender 14/09/2016 View
18 Southern RailTel/Tender/LT/SR/HQ/2016-17/40, Dt: 19/08/2016 Survey of OFC Route, Trenching, Backfilling/ Road Crossings/ laying of HDPE duct, Blowing, Splicing, Termination and Testing of Optical Fiber Cables and GIS Mapping From Google Meenakshi Techonova Tower, Nanakramguda to Wipro Circle Nanakramguda for permanent Underground OFC works as per schedule of requirement and Specifications enclosed to this Tender Document. Limited Tender 06/09/2016 View