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Sr. No. Region Tender No Description Type Due Date
13 Southern RailTel/Tender/LT/SR/ HQ/2016-17/41, Dt: 21.10.16 Supply of 12 core Self Armored OFC single mode Fibre 274 Kms as per specification & schedule of supply enclosed to this tender document. Limited Tender 11/11/2016 View
14 Southern RailTel/Tender/LT/SR/HQ/2016-17/39, Dt: 29/09/2016 Supply of Ethernet Media Convertor AC and DC, Supply and Laying of 6F unarmored OFC Cable, Laying of 6F unarmored OFC on Aerial, on Conduit Pipe and trenching as per site requirement. Splicing and Termination of OFC from RailTel PoP to Plateform across various Railway Stations in Secunderabad Territory as per Schedule of Requirement in the Tender Document Limited Tender 20/10/2016 View