Archive Expression of Interest

Sr. No. Region Title Due Date
11 Corporate Expression of interest for Wifi Project EOI No: RailTel/EOI/CO/DNM/2016-17/340 08/07/2016 View
12 Southern Empanelment of Experienced Service providers for various services/jobsExpression of Interest there for. EoI No. RailTel/Tender (EOI)/OT/SR/HQ/2016-17/ 27/06/2016 View
13 Corporate Provision of Operations Support System (OSS) for OFC and Data Network of RailTel (RailTel/EOI/CO/Project/2015-16/OSS/321) 08/06/2016 View
14 Corporate Empanelment of Channel Partners for Marketing of RailTel’s Data Services. EOI No.: RAILTEL/EOI/CO/DNM/2016-17/333 28/04/2016 View
15 Eastern Expression of Interests (EOI) for empanelling reputed and experienced Manpower Service providers in the domain of services 28/04/2016 View