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SR. No Region Tender No Due Date Nature of Work View Details
1 Northern Railtel/Tender/OT/NR/O&M/15-16/20-25 09/11/2015 “Deployment of maintenance teams in six sections for maintenance of OFC cable network and upkeep of associated gears for a period of 3 years and extendable by one year on same terms & conditions ” View
2 Corporate RCIL/Tender/OT/CO/SB/2015-16/WiFi/95 29/10/2015 Request for Proposal (RFP) for Empanelment of Managed Wi-Fi Service at Railway Stations View
3 Southern RailTel/Tender/OT/SR/HQ/2015-16/88 26/10/2015 Construction of OFC Masonry Huts, Supply and installation of A.C Units & D.G Sets etc.., in Bangalore Territory as per the Schedule of work and specifications given in this Tender Document View
4 Southern RailTel/Tender/OT/SR/HQ/2015-16/90 & 91 26/10/2015 RailTel Corporation of India Ltd., Secunderabad invites sealed tenders from established contractors with proven experience for the work of Trenching/HDD, laying of HDPE Pipe , blowing, splicing, termination and testing of optical fiber cables and GIS mapping as per the locations mentioned below for permanent u/g OFC connectivity in Bangalore Territory. View
5 Southern RailTel/Tender/OT/SR/HQ/2015-16/89 26/10/2015 "Zonal contract for Last Mile connectivity, OFC diversion/rectification and other miscellaneous worksin “Three Reaches” for Bangalore Territory” View
6 Northern RailTel/Tender/OT/NR/MW-Tower/2015-16/16-19 26/10/2015 Annual Maintenance of Microwave and UHF Towers on OFC routes under four territories of RailTel Corporation of India Ltd., Northern Region for two years and extendable by one year on same terms & conditions. View
7 Western RailTel/Tender/OT/WR/HQ/UPS/2015-16/29 16/10/2015 Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of 60KVA online Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) System (with Batteries) at Mumbai, Kolkatta, Secunderabad, Chennai and New Delhi and Comprehensive AMC for three years. View
8 Eastern RailTel /Tender/OT/ER/HQ/2015-16/893-902 14/10/2015 Excavation of Trenches and laying of OFC through ducts, testing, commissioning and maintenance of OFC in 12 Blocks of 02 Districts (Meghalaya) and 21 Blocks in 07 Districts (Mizoram) by RailTel on behalf of BBNL View
9 Northern RailTel/OT/NR/UG OFC DU Colleges/2015-16/05 13/10/2015 “Trenching, Laying, Splicing, Termination, Testing And Commissioning of underground Optical Fiber Cable in premises of various Colleges under Delhi University.” View
10 Southern RailTel/OT/SR/MAS/2015-16/81 13/10/2015 “Laying of 24F & 48F UG OFC cable for NKN Phase –I, II & III Links and Last mile work for SSTL in Tamilnadu.” for two reaches. View
11 Southern RailTel/Tender/OT/SR/HQ/2015-16/78 13/10/2015 “48/24f UG OFC laying for NKN,NICNET & Distribution links of Reach-1, Reach-2 &Reach-3 in Kerala territory of RailTel Corporation of India Ltd.” View
12 Northern RailTel/OT/NR/OFC/RLY/MBA-MKP/2015-16/10 12/10/2015 “Trenching, Laying, Splicing, Termination, Testing and Commissioning of Optical Fiber Cable in Mahoba-Manikpur Section (154 Kms) of North Central Railway” View
13 Northern RailTel/OT/NR/Zonal Contract/Sr. Mgr. CDG/2015-16/09 09/10/2015 “Zonal Contract for OFC works in various locations of Chandigarh under the jurisdiction of Sr. Manager/RailTel/CDG for Last Mile of Northern Region of RailTel” View